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You don’t have to be a wine snob to drink like one with Wine Snob on your iPhone! Wine Snob will help you understand Wine and Food pairings, terminology and best of all, allow you to quickly and easily enter in the wines that you drink along with tasting notes, price, vintage...etc. Wine Snob even lets you save a picture of the label with each entry!

We created Wine Snob because we love wines of all kinds, and we wanted to have a great tool for expanding our knowledge of wine and pairings, as well as a place to archive and photograph the wines we have tasted.

For our new version, we asked expert sommeliers and winemakers to share their wealth of knowledge with our app users. The result is a VASTLY expanded varietal listing (from Aglianico to Zinfandel), a complete revision of useful wine information and an expanded food and wine pairing list that includes an impressive list of cheeses.

We're very excited to roll out some completely new features!

Newest release just got accepted!

Added online wine database search! Now search for a match before typing in all the information. Entering a wine is even that much easier!

Also fixed some issues on the wine entry screen.


12-8 : v2.4 now available in app store. Maps and email a wine coming in 2.5 very soon!

8-3 : v2.2.2 Released. This really is v2.3 but we had issues with apples system and is listed as 2.2.2. Now has online search feature to make entering wines super easy!

12-6 : v2.2.1 submitted, minor fixes and included release notes in about screen. Working on 2.3 right now!

9-23 : v2.1 is available. We are already working on a patch for some 2.1 issues as well as the next release. Stay tuned, and keep the feedback coming!!

9-15 : v2.1 is "In Review" by Apple. It should be available by the end of the week. We have added some new features and fixes from user suggestions. Thanks for all the feedback!!

8-10 : v2.0 has been approved by Apple! **Note v1.1 in the app store is really our v2.0, the update process has been difficult but Apple seems to be catching up.

8-05 : v2.0 is "In Review" by Apple. It should be available any minute!

- Sign up for a free account for backup and restore. Never loose your data even if you loose your phone!

-Search online database for wine entries to automatically populate your logs. Makes logging a wine even easier!

- Save pictures of labels with each entry

-Tag tasting keywords for convenient recall

-Search for wines by name or tasting tag

-Enter very detailed notes on wines tasted

-View home page stats on average price, average rating, and number of wines you have tasted

-Have quick access to your last recorded wine

-Automatically have your location geotagged and associated with each wine entry (we will soon release the map view feature)

-Lookup varietal and pairing info in the updated guides

-Browse wines by name, type, price, varietal, region

If you have feature requests, or any feedblack please contact us!